Job Interview (Wawancara Kerja) dalam Bahasa Inggris

Menulis Surat dalam Bahasa Inggris

Mau melakukan wawancara kerja atau yang biasa disebut dengan Job Interview ke salah satu atau beberapa perusahan terkemukan baik local maupun asing, mungkin tidaklah salah apabila sedikit mengetahui beberapa pertanyaan yang sering dihadapi dalam job interview tersebut, terutama pertanyaan dalam bahasa Inggris apabila perusahaan yang dihadapi adalah salah satu perusahaan asing di Intonesia.

Berikut adalah contoh beberapa pertanyaan dalam bahasa Inggris yang sering kita temui dalam sebuah job interview:

Interview/ Questions


1. Tell me about yourself.
(ceritakan kepada saya tentang diri anda…)

My name is Udin. I come from Bandung, West Java. I have one brother and and two sisters

2. Tell me about your family.
(ceritakan kepada saya keluarga anda..)

I come from a happy family. My mother is housewife and my father is an employee at Bank Mandiri. I still live with my parents. I am not married yet.

3. Tell me about your educational background.
(ceritakan kepada saya latar belakang pendidikan anda…)

I graduated from SMA 01 Bandung (Senior High School 01 of Bandung) in 2008. After that, I continued my study to the faculty of Economics. My major is accounting. I finished my study at University of Indonesia in 2012.

4. What do you want to work this company?
(mengapa kamu ingin bekerja di perusahaan ini?)

I want to work in this company because this company is famous and has a good management system. The employees are diligent and hardworking.

5. What do you know about this company?
(apa yang kamu tahu mengenai perusahaan ini?)

This is a private company. The products are good, not service. This company has a lot of products, like the soap Lux, clear shampoo, Rinso, etcetera.

6. What division do you want to work?
(di divisi apa, kamu ingin bekerja?)

If possible, I want to work in accounting division, because it is in line with/ related with my educational background.

7. After 5 years/ 10 years, what position do you want to get?
(setelah 5/ 10 tahun, posisi apa yang kamu ingin dapat?)

After 5 years, I hope I can become a manager.

8. Tell me about your strength.
(ceritakan kepada saya mengenai kelebihan/ kekuatan kamu)

I hardworking. I like working a lot. I am punctual and never late. I like to learn something new.

9. Tell me about your weakness.
(ceritakan kepada saya mengenai kekurangan/ kelemahan kamu)

I am workaholic. When I have already worked, sometimes I forget about the time and forget to have lunch. After working hard, sometimes I get a headache.

10. Tell me about previous work experience, if any.
(ceritakan kepada saya mengenai pengalaman kerja kamu sebelumnya, jika ada.)

Previously, I worked at Jasindo, Jasa Asuransi Indonesia. Everyday, I wake up at five thirty. At the office, I make an appointment with customers and solve their problem. I also make a policy and make a special rate for the prime customers.

Jika sudah pernah bekerja, biasanya ditanyakan:

11. What do you do in your recent job?
(apa yang kamu lakukan dalam pekerjaan kamu sekarang?)

In my job, I am a Customer Service Officer. I have relationship with many customers.

12. What do you want to move this company?
(mengapa kamu ingin pindah ke perusahaan ini?)

This company is good. The people are friendly.

Demikianlah beberapa pertanyaan bahasa Inggris yang sering kita temui dalam Job Interview. Artikel di atas, penulis ambil dari sebuah buku: Percakapan Lengkap Bahasa Inggris Sehari-hari, karangan, Ir. Fahmi Sofyan, M.Hum. Semoga dapat Bermanfaat.

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